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Swizzle's neighbourhood is clogged with psychics and palm readers. There's at least one on every block. In tribute, we will be mounting a group show exploring the themes of mind reading, spoon bending and other pseudo-science.

If You Could Read My Mind includes many of the artists from last year's popular Savage City tiki-themed group show, including Mark Atomos Pilon, David 'Duke' Carter, Mark Bello, Steve Bentley and many others (see complete list below).

With over 30 artists enlisted for this show, art will be hung salon-style for maximum visual impact. The opening reception will include fortune tellers and other paranormal surprises.

Participating artists:
Mark Atomos Pilon (Vancouver)
Fiona Smyth (Toronto)
Michael Cho (Toronto)
Aaron Leighton (Toronto)
David "Duke" Carter (Chicago)
Sean Madden (Rochester, NY)
Mark Bello (Chicago)
Andrea Tucker (Vancouver)
David (Lebo) Le Batard (Miami)
Rob Elliott (Toronto)
Beverley Deutsch (Toronto)
Kurt Halsey Fredrickson (Milwaukee)
Melissa Doldron (Toronto)
Drazen Kozjan (Toronto)
Dann Hoxsey (Toronto)
Reuel Dechene (Ottawa)
Christine Cosby (Toronto)
Patricia Pasten (Toronto)
Dawn Frasier (Seattle)
Freshdiscoporkergas (Toronto)
Jodi Jacyk (Vancouver)
Jeff Nachtigall (Saskatchewan)
Audra Neil (Vancouver)
Steve Bentley (Vancouver)
Lotus Miyashita (Vancouver)
Erika James (Toronto)
Darren DeGenova (Toronto)
Baz (New York)
Naomi Reid (Toronto)
Pickles (Chicago)
Nicole Steen (Vancouver)
Tony Lee (Vancouver)
Shirley Radebach (Toronto)
Farida Bogosoff (Toronto)
Greg White (Toronto)
Sandra Elliott (Seattle)
Claudia Davilla (Toronto)
Kate Hall (Toronto)
Gabrielle Lasporte (Toronto)
Jan Noestheden (Guelph)
Pamila Matharu (Toronto)
Vicki M. (Vancouver)