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Chris Mars: Fairly Recent Work

March 10, 2001 - April 1, 2001

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The figurative display, which focuses on the artist's exploration of mental illness, will feature over 20 works. Pastel, oil and scratchboard mediums will be featured in this exhibition, Mars' first in Canada.

"I want people to consider the beauty that lives beneath the veneer of my troubled figures and faces. Through my work, it is my intention to bring theses souls forward as a symbol and memorial to the many who live with mental illness, those who are labelled and therefore limited by some flaw that is in truth only a fraction of what that whole person is about."

Mars, who is best known as the drummer for the legendary band, The Replacements and has enjoyed a four album solo career, has been making noise in the art world for the past ten years with a series of solo and group exhibitions coast to coast. His 10 Year Retrospective has Been on tour for the past years. Prince, Michael Stipe or REM,Tom Petty, Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum and Sasha Stallone are among notables who collect his work.