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Hiya Friends!

Christine here. On October 2nd, Rob and I will be joining our buddy Gabriel and his family/friends (collectively called Gabriel's Wolf Pack) in an evening lantern walk to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphona Society of Canada (LLSC). Gabriel was only 6 months old when he was diagnosed with leukemia - he's nearly 2 years old now, in remission and continuing his treatment.

Science to understand & treat blood cancers has come a long way since my cousin Jason died of childhood leukemia 30 years ago - but there's still lots of work to do. LLSC raises funds for research and patient / family support and it's a worthy cancer-fighting cause.

Our oven is broken, so my traditional fundraising technique of a bake sale won't work. Instead, I've got a couple of incentives for you to donate.

1. The highest donation made by a non-Torontonian will receive one of Rob's "Shanghai Scooter" drawings - frame & postage included. Choose from the selection below.

2. The highest donation made by a Torontonian will get a personal walking tour of "the wrong side of the tracks" with Rob and I. The walking tour of our neighbourhood includes a gallery of public murals, secret food highlights, a local micro-brewery, and plenty of colourful commentary and historical anecdotes.

3. The highest Bruce Power donor will receive a generous basket of our baked goods in December, just in time for Christmas treats and by then we should have an oven again!

Minimum donation to compete for the prizes = $100. If there's a tie, we'll either having a bidding war (top up your donation!) or draw straws.

If you only have a little to give, that's OK too. Every $$ is awesome!

To donate online

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The New World, 12"x16" framed
Traffic Jam 2011, 12"x16" framed
Dragon Breath, 8"x10" framed
Scrap Lumber, 8"x10" framed
Dad's Taxi, 12"x12" framed
Laundry Sacks, 12"x12" framed
Postal Delivery, 12"x12" framed
Rain Riders, 12"x12" framed
Family Car, 8"x10" framed
Hazardous Goods, 10"x10" framed
Recycling, 10"x10" framed
Father and Son, 8"x10" framed