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Jan I.M. Noestheden

Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children

August 4-August 19, 2001

Guelph-based artist Jan Noestheden's work involves cutting large images out of aluminum, paiting them in flashy enamel colours, and mounting them 3" from the wall, producing a second image in shadow. His self-referential works portray the spectacled artist in a mileau of adsurdist scenery.

Noetheden most recently exhibited in Swizzle's If I Could Read Your Mind group show, where he exhibited the work "Attempting to Perform a Mind Meld with Chicken." He has previously exhibited at the University of Regina, The Roque Gallery (St John's, NF) and MacDonald Stewart Art Centre (Guelph, ON).

A consummate marketer as well as artist, Noestheden will be selling t-shirts, stickers and skateboard decks(!) at his Swizzle exhibition.

EXTRA! Noestheden will be unveiling his never before shown
Elephant Pistol Sonic Neural Disrupter
(sold in unassembled kit form, this art piece will cause animals and people to lose control of their body functions. Not a toy or for the faint of heart)

"Prepare yourself today for a safer tomorrow"