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Rob Elliott and Christine Cosby create contemporary art under the moniker Swizzle. Swizzle is based out of a storefront studio in Toronto's West End. In addition to producing its own projects, Swizzle works with other creative teams, most notably the Niagara Artists Centre and Luckystar Studio. Swizzle has its roots in Swizzle Gallery, which ran in Toronto from 2000 through 2002.

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Rob Elliott is best known for his drawings and paintings, which have been exhibited throughout Canada and the United States. Elliott's work critiques nostalgia, the carnivalesque, and human interaction with the natural world. He also creates site-specific installations, including the "fishing shack" installation Hatchery exhibited at the Niagara Artists Centre in 2008, and Fake ID, a popular interactive piece at the 2008 Toronto Nuit Blanche.

Christine Cosby specializes in textile-based work, both individual pieces and collaborative projects. Cosby has curated a number of 3-D Exquisite Corpse projects, in which artists contribute fabric body parts, which are then sewn into new combinations. Cosby is a champion of "Rescue Art", recontextualizing thrown-away art and craft, most dramatically with 2010's Niagara Hermitage installation. Cosby spearheads Swizzle's many collaborative projects, which are held in the pair's Toronto storefront studio space.